Brian Castle – 6 string fretless

finish date Nov. 2008

The Pau ferro fretboard is refined to sing on every note.  Amazingly easy to play with very low action and a medium width neck and 34″ scale length.

the over all spacing (measured center to center) is
94mm at the bridge
45mm at the nut

the fretboard width
91mm at the 28th fret position
54mm at the nut

New body shape one of a kind,  light weight semi hollow body 10 lbs.
Redwood Burl top, headstock veneer,pick up covers
Mahogany body
Flamed Walnut back
wenge / purple heart neck
pau ferro fretboard

Custom wound Aero dual coil humbucker Pickups with redwood burl wood covers

RMC piezo saddles with Bartolini MPB1pre-amp
and Bartolini NS2NTMB-918F preamp

controls include:

  • Master Volume
  • Magnetic Pickup blend
  • Piezo / Magnetic pickup blend
  • Bass
  • treble
  • mid range
  • active / passive switch
  • 3 position mid-range frequency shift switch 900Hz/500Hz/250Hz
  • On/off switch f0r LED lighted side dots with separate batteries

28 fret positions

6 thoughts on “Brian Castle – 6 string fretless

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  2. This is truly an amazing bass. It’s almost like a “bass within a bass”. When you play it quietly it has all the clarity you’d expect from a good set of electronic pickups – but when you play it a little harder, the semi-hollow-body sound chamber starts kicking in and the whole bass starts singing. It’s a remarkable level of control and expression. In fact it’s a remarkable level of physics – but all my ear knows is that it sounds GREAT, and Ken’s brought the control of all that right to my fingertips. “Sweet” doesn’t even begin to describe it, this is an awesome bass and a very clever piece of ingenuity and craftsmanship. I’m looking forward to recording with it!

  3. I really love this bass, Ken! Such a work of art, but very playable too. Smooth and comfortable, with great tone. I was in the studio with Michael Logue the other day, and one of the songs was begging for fretless. I finished the recording with my fretted Elrick, but soon, I may have to go back and re-track it with that fretless sound it longs for. Anyways, it reminded me of this bass beauty that you have. I’m sure that whenever I’m ready to invest in a nice, high quality, bass, it’ll be from you. Oh, and thanks also for being so welcoming. It’s always nice to visit with you and see what all you’re up to in the shop.

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