Bass Guitars

Baroque 4 String Bass

Baroque 4 string

Marc Cirovic

Marc designed this left handed Bass which was the first Baroque Bass.

Juan Guitarres

Baroque 6 string fretless bass full hollow body, carved arch top oak burl top

Janis Harvey

Barry  Abramowitz

Lionel Fonville

Baroque 7 string bass

Akio Suto

Baroque style 6 string fretless bass Redwood burl top, walnut back

Richard Lam

Chuck Jones

5 string fretless

Michael Aahron

Chris Bilham

New CD from Chris \"Broken Down\"

Robert Hurst III

Sefano Roncarolo 4 string

Stefano Roncarolo 4 string fretted bass 32\" scale walnut top, ebony fretboard and pick up cover wenge solid body purple heart, padouk, walnut neck 8 1/2 lbs

Stefano Roncarolo

Band: Secondus

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