Baroque 4 String Bass

Baroque 4 string

Marc Cirovic

Marc designed this left handed Bass which was the first Baroque Bass.

Juan Guitarres

Baroque 6 string fretless bass full hollow body, carved arch top oak burl top

Janis Harvey

Barry  Abramowitz

Lionel Fonville

Baroque 7 string bass

Akio Suto

Baroque style 6 string fretless bass Redwood burl top, walnut back

Richard Lam

Chuck Jones

5 string fretless

Michael Aahron

Chris Bilham

New CD from Chris \"Broken Down\"

Robert Hurst III

Sefano Roncarolo 4 string

Stefano Roncarolo 4 string fretted bass 32\" scale walnut top, ebony fretboard and pick up cover wenge solid body purple heart, padouk, walnut neck 8 1/2 lbs

Stefano Roncarolo

Band: Secondus

Ken Bebensee is continually building, designing, playing, creating… Acoustic / Electric Stringed Musical Instruments.   I can build any type of instrument that is imaginable combining the best ideas with artistic spirit and creative impulse.

Each instrument represents articulate individual expression.  Most of the photos here are of instruments that were custom ordered and built with specifications to follow.  Some of the ideas were customer requests and some customers encouraged or allowed me to add creative shapes or embellishment.  Iwork to satisfy the soul.  I like how natural shapes evolve and the fun part of building instruments is carving and shaping.

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  1. i will make some more basses like this one. the carved scroll comes from the tradition of violin making. My interpretation for this bass and much of my carving art is mused by nature and growth.

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