2012 bass

New body design for a 2012 bass.  could be either 4 or 5 string bass at this stage of developement.  let me know if you want this to be your bass.

solid body – Canarywood

bolt-0n neck

3 thoughts on “2012 bass

  1. I really like the 2012 bass body it has a deep cut for the higher reg.Playing and soloing just hoping it will work for a 6 !!!!! And what a nice maple neck with brass nut would sound like and look like or do you have a 2013 Idea ?????
    You know I’m curious !!!!!!!!!!
    Idea’s Ken ??????

    • Hi Jerry

      Prices vary from instrument to instrument. Everything i make is one of a kind. The average price range is about $4000 to $8000.
      let me know what you want and i will build it.
      Ken Bebensee

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