Fatty Hollow body Guitar

This is a full hollow body archtop style guitar with a X-braced top that is slightly arched and and almost flat.  i built this guitar for myself starting it in the early 1990’s .  Though i had been quite busy at the time with other order so it had been on the  slow burner for its creation.  i probably first put strings on it in the mid 2003 era.  i was planning some other inlays on this guitar and it is still an option.

Elm burl face on a redwood three ply top that is curved into a slight arch.  abaloni inlay around the body with Chatki wood binding.

Neck through body Chatki with bubinga stripes

ebony fretboard with  mother of pearl inlays

hand carved ebony bridge with copper saddle  and ebony tailpiece

Roland midi synth pickup built on board with 13 pin Roland guitar synth output jack,  1/4″ output jack.

Bartolin pickups

it is  for sale and somewhat a used guitar because it was my main guitar for about 6 years until i finished my 8 string guitar .  it is in good condition and i will be adding a few coats of tung oil to make it look nearly new.

2 thoughts on “Fatty Hollow body Guitar

    • Hi Rich
      Thank you for writing. there are several instruments that are available now and at this time new orders can be built with in a year. the basic guitar is about $4000 depending on how customized or how long it takes to build it. generally i make each guitar unique and each one is sculpted and designed individually. The fatty hollow body on my web site is an older design that built for my personal guitar which i used for about 6 years until i made my 8 string acoustic and Blue Jean Blue arch top. i would like to add a few more inlays to that guitar but it isn’t essential. i will try to make a recording of it soon and take some more pictures.
      if you are interested i could finish it sooner rather than later. i have many new instruments which, i am starting now, so my schedule is full yet flex-able.

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