Available Instruments

2013 Madrone Arch top Guitar

2013 Madrone arch top guitar Brazilian rosewood tailpiece, fretboard, bridge and knobs, mahogany mid body, walnut back

Blue Jean Blue Arch top Guitar

Blue Jean Blue full hollow body arch top flamed maple top ebony and copper

Magical Root guitar

Manzanita root burl solid body. Manzanita is one of the hardest most dense woods I know of. this guitar was one of my first and still rocks. active Bartolini pickups and bass and treble control knobs, ebony fretboard, flamed maple / purple heart neck. 7lbs $9000

Baroque 4 String Bass

Baroque 4 string

Crimson Archtop

full - hollow body archtop guitar

3 thoughts on “Available Instruments

  1. I met you back in the late 90’s and was blown away with your work. Your work is magical and absolutely phenomenal. Someday I hope to own one of your guitars.

  2. Ken, you are amazing. No, I am not able to play an instrument, but I admire what you do! Being 82 years old — I am so happy I have seen what beautiful work you have done. Your mother must be so proud of you. My daughter plays the violin and viola — has done so since grade school. I am sending your site to her as she appreciates music and what goes into it.

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