Robert Hurst Acoustic Bass

deep acoustic bass… a cello / archtop jazz guitar hybrid 34″ scale 5 string with a high C, carved spruce top, Bubinga sides and carved back, piezo brige saddles and a adjustable position Bartolini dual coil magnetic pick up

7 thoughts on “Robert Hurst Acoustic Bass

  1. HI Ken,
    Beautiful looking instrument.
    a couple questions:
    1. audio clips ?
    2. prices ?
    3. waiting period ?
    4. Is a low B instead of the high C do-able and does that require a longer string length or larger instrument, etc.
    In other words, have you done that and decided it doesn’t work as well, since it adds too many complications…
    or was this done because that was what the client (Hurst) wanted but making a low B verison would be no problem with sound and building? – seems that 90% of players interested in this kind of wonderful instrument would prefer it to have a lo string for playing 90% of the work we get vs a soloing bass. Just wondrin’ thanks, LG

    • Thank you for your questions. This instrument was designed for Mr. Hurst as an instrument to have a high C with a 34″ scale length. It could, perhaps could be adjusted for a low B. However i would like to see a bigger body for a deeper bass tone acoustically. to my ears … acoustically the high C and G really sang out. With the pickups you can get the most incredible bass tone and all the strings are completely balanced. Acoustic basses need big bodies and longer scales to sound better. Smaller acoustic instrument are very charming acoustically and with pickups you can play to as any size audience. I will be making similar instruments with longer scale and shorter scale lengths as well. Any number of strings are possible, i will carve the instrument to be structurally able to withstand a range of tension. Using the truss rod and adjustable neck-angle design, the bridge height and position can be maintained with out moving the bridge. .The top and back are tuned by carving the arch and thinning around the perimeter of the body shape. The tricky part is to balance the over all frequency response of the instrument. I carve, tap and listen both with the strings tuned up to pitch and also before there is tension and compression. A sound post and bass bar also can be adjusted. I takes a considerable amount of time to build and fine tune an instrument of this caliber. My best guess is that is can take two to three times the amount of my time as one of my electric basses. to answer your questions specifically:
      1. audio clips? i wish i had more time to record, most of the time while i still had it… it needed more work and so then i would make adjustments until i had nothing more i could do to make it better and then it was time to to deliver it to Mr. Robert Hurst. i am really looking forward to hearing it in Robert Hurst’s music.
      2. price— $9,000
      3. build time—2 1/2 years
      Of-course, there is nearly an unlimited amount of options available. For the past 27 years i have built to customers specifications over 150 instruments. The full-hollow and semi-hollow electric basses range in price from $4000 to $6,000. Each instrument, i build is a unique one of a kind creation, built with love and integrity.

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  3. Hi
    What a beautiful instrument!
    I woud like to know the price of course, and how soon it would be possible to buy one.
    I am really interrested.
    Yours sincerely

  4. Hi Ken!
    I’m incredibly curious to know how much this instrument would cost to build. And also, are there any soundclips available of this instrument?


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