Magical Root bass

One day, back in 1998 i was hiking along a creek in the redwood forest near Big Sur, Ca. when i found a small root burl  and thought it would be fun to make a bass out of it.    the shape evolved into something quite different than what i had originally planned.   Though in essence, this basic bass instrument is fantastically light weight,  easy to play and the tone is warm and rich.   I have kept this bass as my personal bass for the past 10 years.  i have recently re-oiled  and polished the finish and replaced the original Bartolini with Lane Poor pickup  and back to a Bartolini BBCX quad coil pickup with a redwood burl cover.  It makes me laugh when i hear some of the comments people make about this bass.   Some people hate it and some people love it.    However there is only one bass like this and it is truly magical.   There is inclusions that God intended through the bass where light shines. this bass has been passive for the first 12 years so i thought i would install a by-passable pre-amp.

4 thoughts on “Magical Root bass

  1. I have been playing my Bebensee for 20 years. It still attracts a lot of attention both for its looks and how it sounds. I tell them all the same thing. Next to my wife, it’s the nicest thing I ever wrapped my fingers around!
    I will always play her with with the love and respect she Is due. Ken is an artist in every way.

  2. That’s just whack. Just plain nuts… and really very beautiful. Nice piece of work, and I dig the agreeable nature of it- liberty of expression through the medium by the artist, and an acquiescence to let it be what it is- when you have the choice to either ‘fix it’, or let it be. I mean the holes in the root there not filled in with epoxy, etc… I like it.

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