4 thoughts on “6 string fretted bass 36″ scale

  1. Hi Joel! Love your bass and it looks similar to one of David Gross’ KB basses as illustrated on the cover of his instructional book for 6-string bass. Are both wings hollowed and/or chambered. Do you have piezos installed and if so are you able to get a similar acoustic upright bass tone using such pickups with the proper amplification? Once I have the finances confirmed I would love to get KB to make a fretless 6-string for me similar to the aesthetics of your and David Gross’ basses with the same scale and other features I’ve yet to determine. Best to you and your music career goals! Konrad Stief

    • Hi Konrad
      Thank you! Yes, this is the same bass on the cover of David Gross’ book. This bass does not have a piezo, only one dual coil passive pickup custom made by Seymore Duncan. Both body wings are chambered to give a more acoustic tone. A fretless version of this bass would sound more like an upright.

      • Hi Ken! Thanks for the response and looking forward to doing business with you once I have everything in order. I’ll contact you through your e-mail when that time arrives. I’ll have a hard time sleeping as I’m very excited about this upcoming bass project!

  2. ken bebensee is what happens when an absolute master maker is blessed with a spiritual cosmic vision. like jimmy hendriks said,”are you experienced??” well ken bebensee is!!!! thanks for the bass ken. joel ector

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