Arch Top Guitars


Dan Edlefson's StarGlider Yuba Arctop

Crimson Archtop

full - hollow body archtop guitar

2013 Madrone Arch top Guitar

2013 Madrone arch top guitar Brazilian rosewood tailpiece, fretboard, bridge and knobs, mahogany mid body, walnut back

Joe Parascandola - 2010 Koa Archtop Guitar

hand carved arch top and arch back figured koa full hollow body pau ferro fretboard, bridge and tailpiece. cherry mid body sperzel friction lock tuner with D-thing drop D tuner.

Shorty Archtop

Short Scale Archtop acoustic guitar 22 5/8\" scale Carved thin for nylon strings and piezo bridge pick up. more pictures to follow soon.

Tom Dinsmore

Blue Jean Blue Arch top Guitar

Blue Jean Blue full hollow body arch top flamed maple top ebony and copper

Jeff Isoe

Ken Bass

Morning Dew Guitar

Sam Schneider

Greg Schooler

Blue Funk Guitar

Chet Brandenburg

Arch top Maple burl with dark walnut oil stain finish. pau ferro carved tail piece, bridge and fretboard.

Bob Miromonte

carved arch top and back figured Koa, flamed maple binding ebony bridge, tailpiece and fretboard

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