Acoustic 8 Guitar

I built this acoustic for myself, being the first flat-top style acoustic i have made.  Although i have finished a few arch-top guitars and a mandolin prior to finishing this guitar.   The body shape came about from redesigning the ergonomical aspects of acoustic instruments.  i wanted the body to feel comfortable while also adding a couple of extra strings to double the high E and B strings tuned in unison.   Primarly i use standard guitar tuning though alternative tunings are very fun to play with on this guitar.   there is a piezo pickup  under the bridge saddle which can be blended with the magnetic Bartolini pickup.  the top wood is  Sitka spruce, the sides and back are curly maple. the neck is birds eye maple and bubinga with and ebony fretboard. the trim is all walnut.

6 thoughts on “Acoustic 8 Guitar

  1. Hi Ken.

    Greetings from Malaysia.

    About several years back, maybe in 2001 or 2002, I used to read an article about your custom bass and guitar in Guitar&Bass Magazine(the mag got discontinued now). The part that I still remember on that particular article is the part when your sister and her friend tend to collect some money and buy you a guitar when you guys just have only Commodore computer in the house. Voila and now here you are as an artistic luthier!!!

    Your works are stunningly impressive, and after all this years I still got haunted by your craftsmanship and design.

    Good luck and I pray for your career progress.

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