Jeffrey Isoe

“I’ll have this guitar for the rest of my life, no doubt…once you play one you’ll understand why.”- Jeffrey Isoe, the Button Pushers

“Beautiful Bass. It is incredible to play! My bass made, by Ken, is the funnest to play! The neck is fast (as I like), the sound is rich in every EQ range and is it really beautiful to see.!”-Stefano Roncarolo

“I absolutely love my KB guitar, it’s so stable and great sounding,”-Chris Bilham

“I really love this bass, Ken! Such a work of art, but very playable too. Smooth and comfortable, with great tone….whenever I’m ready to invest in a nice, high quality, bass, it’ll be from you.”-Jared the Bassist of the Ginger Ninjas

“Your basses are the most beautifully crafted, best sounding and most playable instruments I’ve ever encountered. Period.” -Greg Wilson

“This beauty does just about anything you’d want it to…. I have no problems having it around my shoulders for 6-8 hours straight, unlike most guitars out there.”-Jeffrey Isoe

“I just purchased one of your instruments used and the workmanship is just beautiful.” -Ron Gordon

“I’ve only had the bass a short time, but continue to marvel at the craftsmanship…I’m gushing, but I feel like it really is a work of art and I feel fortunate to have acquired it…Thanks for such a terrific instrument…You really have to raise your prices.” -Ron Gordon

“I am always sending my folks to your site to check out your work and I just noticed the pics of my bass. Still enjoying it everyday!” -Ron Gordon

“I recently bought [one of your basses]… because I loved the way it looked, played and sounded, really a terrific bass.” -Pedro Coronel

“Now I know what they meant when I heard guys say that it “plays itself.” Playing this bass is effortless and the sound is amazing. Thanks for building such a great piece.”- Mike Carrey

The neck is perfectly straight…. so it plays great. I like its
light weight because of hollow body.”-Akio Suto, Soka-City, Saitama

“just a big thanks for the best bass i”ve ever played, let alone owned. a truly magic instrument.way beyond craftmanship a true work of art! your bass feeds my need to express! thanks brother ken!!!!”-Joel Ector

11 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. 17 years ago, I purchased a 4 string fretless built by the master. I tell folks the same thing when they ask about it, next to my wife, it is the nicest thing I ever wrapped my fingers around! Now, my wife needs essential surgery that I will have to pay for. I may be forced to sell my baby (not my honey) in order to raise the money. I know all of you who visit this site understand the serious nature of that statement. Please send out prayers and positive thoughts that I can find a way to keep both the great loves in my life!

  2. Going on 23 years, 2 basses from Ken. has the best bottom growl in the business. my bass has serve me well in the studio and on stage. People ask me what effects I use when i play and they are amazed that i tell them i plug it straight into my rig, (amp).. best bass growl in the business.
    Albert ‘Sicman’ Sicam, bass player for Turning Point Church) in LA

  3. well, right now i’m in thailand and of course, everyone is tripping out on my bass. i’ve played your bass with pharoh sanders, alphonse mouzon, nate”the great” morgan blues musicians jazz musicans . i’ve been called after playing with cats and they tell me what a badass instrument i have . i have had instruments by people like carruthers that are made perfectly but have no soul!! i could be homeless but i’ll never part with your bass. spirituality has a lot to do with making a good instrument your basses have soul! they will write about you in the future with great esteem.

  4. Ken’s creative space is flowing with good energy that seeps into the very wood grain of his projects. The magic that lingers in the musically enchanted air delves into the very soul of his instruments. The mastery in his craftsmanship is a gift to musicians lasting generations to come…Oh heaven!

  5. This is the greatest investment I have ever made. If you are among the lucky few to own a piece of Ken’s artwork you will never look at other guitars the same again. One word to describe his guitars….Legendary.

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