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The Finish

is applied with a process called  French polishing. The wood itself is polished and hardened as the oil is saturated into the surface.   I usually apply about 20 coats or more of tung oil allowing each coat to soak in and cure in between each coat.  The oil I use now is 100% pure tung oil, thinned with 100% pure citrus solvent.  The oil is used  with  600 up to 1200 grit sand paper to hand polish.   then i will keep applying thin coats once a day until the surface is saturated with oil and polished.   The time it takes, which varies depending on the wood used, temperature and humidity, carvings and intricate scrolls add to the time frame.  The  process takes several weeks as a minimum though i often will add more.  The more time  I have the better the finish will be.   I have experimented with many different types of finishes over the years and  now i like Tung Oil the best for it is the most durable and looks the best after years of playing and feels the best while your playing.  I am also using violin varnish on spruce tops and softer woods.

3 thoughts on “Instrument Features

  1. i a’m 66 years old an i’m stell exiatin for what i see i’m sory for my bad english but i must say thet is hard to bealive what a talent you have an you craete wonderful guitars gratulesion tn all the best

  2. hey, i was looking at some of your bass guitars and noticed the huge bass you have in progress ( I was wondering 1 how many strings will that have on it and 2 how much would one of those cost to build.
    i have always taken in interest in unique guitars and that on i would have to say is probably one of the best i have ever seen.

    • Hi Khris
      that is a 10 string bass. this one cost about $6,000 though prices could vary depending on options. 20 strings is possible too. Thanks for your comments.

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