A unique opportunity to apprentice with one the most innovative  instrument  makers of these times. This hands-on experiential program is limited to five people at a time to guarantee high quality individual guidance in the art of instrument building.

This experience  is an excellent introduction to the field of guitar making—designed to provide you with a clear understanding of how to produce your own instruments in a small shop.  I focus on producing just a few quality professional instruments that are not only a joy to play and listen to, but also works of art.

Basic familiarity with tools and instruments are helpful though not necessary.  This program will step you through the process of building your own instrument at your own pace and give you insight on how to continue on your own.  You will be able to completely build your own design and I will offer guidance and relative knowledge  as well as offering all the tools and space required. There is a lot of dedication required to complete an instrument.  It is a labor of love.


Course Outline

  • Instrument design
  • Neck design
  • Various construction methods
  • Wood selection
  • Cutting, refining, assembly
  • Shaping, carving
  • Finishing
  • Fretting
  • Set up & fine-tuning

Classes are offered  according to individuals schedules
Pre-registration is required.

Monday –Thursday 9am to 3pm
With occasional weekend seminars
Additional workshop time is available for enrolled students


Plus the cost of materials (approx $200+ for a very basic instrument)
partial work-study positions are available.

Off  site accommodations are available  at reasonable rates,

For more information about our Apprenticeship Program, call or write

Ken Bebensee

7 thoughts on “Apprenticeship

  1. currently i am working with students on an individual basis and schedule, usually Monday through Friday and i am open to working weekends, as i often do. you can email or call to set up an appointment to visit my shop and talk more. please let me know of any questions you have.
    Ken Bebensee

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