Acoustic 8

this version of the 8 string guitar has normal tuning with double high B and high E strings. the shape of the guitar is derived from making the top half of the body smaller and more contoured to match the human body and be easier and more comfortable to play. The sound hole is offset to be in the center of the upper bout since the guitar is cut-away to make the upper register of frets reachable and playable. the neck angle is adjustable to set the string height.

Robert Hurst Acoustic Bass

deep acoustic bass... a cello / archtop jazz guitar hybrid 34\" scale 5 string with a high C, carved spruce top, Bubinga sides and carved back, piezo brige saddles and a adjustable position Bartolini dual coil magnetic pick up

Shorty Archtop

Short Scale Archtop acoustic guitar 22 5/8\" scale Carved thin for nylon strings and piezo bridge pick up. more pictures to follow soon.

Marty Kanish


Joe Parascandola - 2010 Koa Archtop Guitar

hand carved arch top and arch back figured koa full hollow body pau ferro fretboard, bridge and tailpiece. cherry mid body sperzel friction lock tuner with D-thing drop D tuner.

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