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this Album is a selected few of my featured instruments

Arch top  Electric Guitar Gallery

carved Arch top acoustic / electric guitars combining the spirit of acoustic ancestry and evolution to the best technology available today.

7 strings

7 string Guitars and a Bass

inlays and carving

Inlays of mother of pearl and other natural materials and carvings on various instruments


Ken Bebensee is continually building, designing, playing, creating… Acoustic / Electric Stringed Musical Instruments.   I can build any type of instrument that is imaginable combining the best ideas with artistic spirit and creative impulse.

Each instrument represents articulate individual expression.  Most of the photos here are of instruments that were custom ordered and built with specifications to follow.  Some of the ideas were customer requests and some customers encouraged or allowed me to add creative shapes or embellishment.  Iwork to satisfy the soul.  I like how natural shapes evolve and the fun part of building instruments is carving and shaping.

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  1. i will make some more basses like this one. the carved scroll comes from the tradition of violin making. My interpretation for this bass and much of my carving art is mused by nature and growth.

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