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  1. I can only say in simple words that this bass is everything i ever asked for . This man is brilliant and will give only what u ask for…

  2. I have played my KB guitar for 8 years now as my main guitar (and I am a one-guitar kind of player). I’m as picky as any one else who would want a custom-built guitar as their #1 guitar and this beauty does just about anything you’d want it to. It has excellent sustain ability, semi-hollow body neck through, piezo pickup in the bridge, recently installed bare knuckle mule humbucker pickups, bass, middle, treble knobs to control tone, piezo knob which can blend into clean tone, 24 frets, sweet inlays on the neck, 3 toggle switch, and light as a feather! I have no problems having it around my shoulders for 6-8 hours straight, unlike most guitars out there. All of these components were very important to me and the style of music I play. Check out the Button Pushers on the website provided if you wanna hear this baby in action! And FYI – Ken is as prompt with email replies as you could ask for, truly an innovative artist who cares about his craft and keeping his customers happy. I’ll have this guitar for the rest of my life, no doubt…once you play one you’ll understand why.

    • Well my @ravqzub Well my playing style and amp setintgs probably don’t help that out but I am working on that I’ve been backing down the gain some recently I’ll probably try to do 3 gain setintgs from now on to show off the guitars better everything on 5 , then 7 , and then 10 (and of course a run on the clean channel) hopefully that will help thanks for commenting/watching!

  3. WOW when I see this monster-six-sring-lefthend-bass I couldn’t beleave! The particular are INCREDIBLE!!!! The head is coming out from the gothic time and the wood used are awesome!!!!
    the man that can play it is really luky!!!!!

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