Michael Aahron

Richard Adams

Cosmic 6 string with planetary symbol inlays

Barry  Abramowitz

Ken Bass

John Balicki

Solar 5 string fretless Bass

Paul Beaudry

Ty Bonaventura

Chris Bilham

New CD from Chris \"Broken Down\"

Austin Burleigh

Roque Bucton

Andre Brewster

7 string semi hollow-body guitar

Trent Brodie

Chet Brandenburg

Arch top Maple burl with dark walnut oil stain finish. pau ferro carved tail piece, bridge and fretboard.

GVon Brown

this instrument is now owned by Edgardo Simone

Ben Cameron

David Cantor

Deuce four string fretted bass zebra wood top and back wenge and purple heart neck Pau shell dragon inlay

Gary Cantor

Mike Carey

flame maple top and Bartolini Soapbars. "Exquisite work!" Mike Carey

John Carfi

Brian Castle - 6 string fretless

New body shape one of a kind, light weight semi hollow body 10 lbs. Redwood Burl top, headstock veneer,pick up covers Mahogany body Flamed Walnut back wenge / purple heart neck pau ferro fretboard Custom wound Aero dual coil humbucker Pickups with redwood burl wood covers RMC piezo saddles with Bartolini MPB1pre-amp and Bartolini NS2NTMB-918F preamp controls include: * Master Volume * Magnetic Pickup blend * Piezo / Magnetic pickup blend * Bass * treble * mid range * active / passive switch * 3 position mid-range frequency shift switch 900Hz/500Hz/250Hz * On/off switch f0r LED lighted side dots with separate batteries 28 fret positions

Michael Cerda

Dave Chapman 5 string fretted Solar Bass

Maple burl top, semi-hollow body mahogany mid body, walnut back, pau ferro fretboard with abalone planatary fret position markers. Bartolini dual coil pickups and 18 volt preamp with bass mid treble, active /passive and mid frequency shift switch, pickup blend control and master volume, finished in Jan. 2004

5 string fretted Pisces Bass - $4,200

5 string fretted bass $4.200 Pisces semi-hollow Excellent condition $4200 Redwood burl top, mahogany body, walnut back, pau ferro fretboard. Bartolini dual coil pickups with active/passive switch Bartolini 18v NSNTMB pre-amp with 3 band Eq man, been LOVING the bass... its a dream come true, seriously :) Interface Oblivion "thanks for all you do, its an honor to have one of your instruments man! :)" Dean Clegg

Randy Chow

James Christian

Marc Cirovic

Marc designed this left handed Bass which was the first Baroque Bass.

Cory Combs

Cory Combs is a bassist, composer and teacher living in San Francisco, California. He has played with many internationally known artists, including Michael Manring, John Hollenbeck, Tony Malaby, Matt Wilson, Andy Narell, Michael Spiro, Joe Henderson, Clark Terry, Benny Golson, John Wubbenhorst, Jim McNeeley, Kenny Werner, Nancy Wilson, Steve Houghton, Joey Baron, Hank Roberts and many others. Cory can be heard on the CD Postcards from California, his first release as a solo artist.

Greg Coates

Chad Cohen

Andrew Creech

Tony D\'Alto

5 string Bass Oak Burl top, solid body cherry pau ferro fretboard, custom wound Aero Pickups with 3 position rotary switches for each pickup for dual coil series / single coil / dual coil paralell, Bartolini 18v preamp

Tom Dinsmore

6 string fretted Bass 36" scale

Maple burl top semi Hollow body Pau ferro fretboard 2.125" NUT WIDTH 3.80" 28TH FRET Mahogany mid body Walnut back price $5000

Malia Ferdolige

Taylor Fletcher

Semi Hollow Jazz Guitar curly maple top ebony bridge, tail piece, fretboard neck through body

Billy Foppiano

Lionel Fonville

Baroque 7 string bass

Zach Freeman

5 string Solar Bass walnut top and back wenge purple heart neck neo classical headstock

Crimson Archtop

full - hollow body archtop guitar

Ernesto Gonzalas

David  Gross - 6 string Fretless -

6 String Fretless semi-hollow body Bass Spalted Myrtle top Walnut back Mahogany mid-body wenge/ purple heart neck Pink Ivory fretboard Aero dual coil pick up (passive) 36" scale length nut width 2 1/4" fretboard width at 24th fret 3.8" condition - excellent, like new, plays perfect built 2011

Juan Guitarres

Baroque 6 string fretless bass full hollow body, carved arch top oak burl top

Michael Hanel

5 string fretless bass

Janis Harvey

Mike Haskins

Duece 6 string Bass zebra wood top and back wenge body core

Electric Kora - Gordon Hellegers

28 string electric Kora, mahogany semi hollow body, spruce top, redwood burl facing the audience, The bridge is made of brazilian rosewood reclaimed from antique furniture. cocobolo handles, the neck is Chechen Rosewood, paudouk, ebony. Piezo pick pickup under bridge plate

Richard Heyman

bolt on 4 string

Tom Hilbe

This Town Productions Instruments: Gothic Angel Guitar Psycho Steel - Electric acoustic lap steel guitar

Andrew Holland

Robert Hurst III

Jim Hyatt

Jeff Isoe

Chuck Jones

5 string fretless

Mark Kafoury

Marty Kanish


Tim Keenan

purple Majesty 6 string fretless

Richard Lam

Joseph Martin

Neil McCracken

Justin McCreary

Walt McCreary

Big Fatty Guitar

Bruce McWhirter

Brian Miller

Bob Miromonte

carved arch top and back figured Koa, flamed maple binding ebony bridge, tailpiece and fretboard

Rodney Nobles

Check out Rodney Nobles on You Tube

Jason Ogresovich

Joe Parascandola - 2010 Koa Archtop Guitar

hand carved arch top and arch back figured koa full hollow body pau ferro fretboard, bridge and tailpiece. cherry mid body sperzel friction lock tuner with D-thing drop D tuner.

John Pericone

Magical Root bass style semi hollow body

Davide Puccio

Sefano Roncarolo 4 string

Stefano Roncarolo 4 string fretted bass 32\" scale walnut top, ebony fretboard and pick up cover wenge solid body purple heart, padouk, walnut neck 8 1/2 lbs

Stefano Roncarolo

Band: Secondus

Mike Ruddick

the original Pisces 4 string fretless

Eric Schmidt

Sam Schneider

John Scholl

Greg Schooler

Blue Funk Guitar

Tom Shannon

6 string fretless full hollow body semi acoustic

Henry Shmakov

Jim Silvestri

Edgardo Simone

Deja Solis

four string fretted bass for Deja figured purple heart top ebony fretboard Koa / wenge / purple heart neck maple back

Chauncy Sullivan

Tom Sullivan

Akio Suto

Baroque style 6 string fretless bass Redwood burl top, walnut back

Ronan Tat

George Traviani

Peter Watson

Anthony Wellington

Deuce 6 String Fretless bubinga top, pau ferro fretboard check out Anthony\'s Blog fanpage!/BASSOLOGY

Charles Wildner

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson designed this guitar

8 thoughts on “Musicians

  1. I can only say in simple words that this bass is everything i ever asked for . This man is brilliant and will give only what u ask for…

  2. I have played my KB guitar for 8 years now as my main guitar (and I am a one-guitar kind of player). I’m as picky as any one else who would want a custom-built guitar as their #1 guitar and this beauty does just about anything you’d want it to. It has excellent sustain ability, semi-hollow body neck through, piezo pickup in the bridge, recently installed bare knuckle mule humbucker pickups, bass, middle, treble knobs to control tone, piezo knob which can blend into clean tone, 24 frets, sweet inlays on the neck, 3 toggle switch, and light as a feather! I have no problems having it around my shoulders for 6-8 hours straight, unlike most guitars out there. All of these components were very important to me and the style of music I play. Check out the Button Pushers on the website provided if you wanna hear this baby in action! And FYI – Ken is as prompt with email replies as you could ask for, truly an innovative artist who cares about his craft and keeping his customers happy. I’ll have this guitar for the rest of my life, no doubt…once you play one you’ll understand why.

    • Well my @ravqzub Well my playing style and amp setintgs probably don’t help that out but I am working on that I’ve been backing down the gain some recently I’ll probably try to do 3 gain setintgs from now on to show off the guitars better everything on 5 , then 7 , and then 10 (and of course a run on the clean channel) hopefully that will help thanks for commenting/watching!

  3. WOW when I see this monster-six-sring-lefthend-bass I couldn’t beleave! The particular are INCREDIBLE!!!! The head is coming out from the gothic time and the wood used are awesome!!!!
    the man that can play it is really luky!!!!!

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