finishing new acoustics

i am currently finishing Robert Hurst new acoustic five string bass. Built like a cello with a carved Sitka spruce top gradated and tuned.  This bass sounds incredible both acoustically and electrified with the Bartolini movable position / remove-able pickup. This 5 string bass has a high C string and is a fretted 34″ scale length.

Robert Hursts Acoustic Bass
Robert Hurst's Acoustic Bass
October 13, 2009Permalink 1 Comment

One thought on “finishing new acoustics

  1. i was just saying to someone: i finally figured out what i need and that there none that i know of. i’d love to have a 5 string strung E-C acoustic bass 32″- 34″ scale 24 fret. and of coarse the standard “huge acoustic sound”. this bass caught my eye and I love the movable bart!

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